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Dental Bridges

Bridging the Gap in Your Smile with Precision and Care

Dental bridges are a time-honored solution offered at Vivid Prosthodontics to restore the continuity of your smile when you have one or more missing teeth. Our expert team in Edmonton specializes in crafting dental bridges that blend functionality with aesthetics, providing you with a fixed, reliable solution for tooth replacement.

Satisfied customer with a seamless dental bridge, crafted by Vivid Prosthodontics in Edmonton.

Understanding Dental Bridges

The Foundation for a Complete Smile

A dental bridge is a custom-designed restoration that fills the space where teeth are absent. It is anchored on either side by crowns placed on the adjacent teeth, creating a literal 'bridge' across the gap with a pontic, or false tooth. This procedure is a popular choice for those who seek a non-removable prosthesis but may not opt for dental implants. 

What to Expect with Your New Dental Bridge

Following the placement of your permanent bridge, a period of sensitivity is normal and expected. To ensure a smooth process, we utilize local anesthesia during the procedure. Our commitment is to your comfort, so if any adjustments to your bite are necessary, our team is ready to fine-tune your restoration to perfection.

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Explore the possibilities for a full, vibrant smile at Vivid Prosthodontics – where your dental health is our highest priority.

Hygiene Instructions for Your Bridge

Maintaining the health of your bridge is paramount. Regular brushing and flossing are crucial in preventing decay and gum disease around the abutment teeth. With attentive home care and professional check-ups every six months, your dental bridge is designed to provide long-lasting service and beauty.


Fixed, Functional, and Aesthetic

At Vivid Prosthodontics, we believe in solutions that last. Our dental bridges are crafted from materials selected for their strength and natural appearance. Your bridge will be a testament to the blend of function and aesthetics that characterizes our approach to dental care.


Your Smile, Our Expertise

We take pride in offering restorative options like dental bridges that not only improve the look of your smile but also enhance your overall dental health. Our expertise ensures that your restoration feels as good as it looks and functions as it should.

Choose Vivid Prosthodontics for Your Dental Bridge

When you select a dental bridge at Vivid Prosthodontics, you're choosing quality, expertise, and a team dedicated to your dental well-being. Our fixed solutions for tooth replacement are at the forefront of dental technology, offering you a smile that is both beautiful and strong.


Ready to close the gap with a high-quality dental bridge?

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