Edmonton Prosthodontist and Dentist

Dr. Keith H. Compton


Dr Keith Compton completed BSc and DDS degrees at the University of Alberta and a certificate in Fixed Prosthodontics and Master of Science at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. He participated in the first study of implant osseointegration in Edmonton (1985) with Nobelpharma Canada. For many years, Dr. Compton was a Clinical Professor in Prosthodontics and Director of Dental Implants at the University of Alberta. In 2001, Dr Compton shifted his clinical practice from restorative prosthodontics to a combination of both surgical and restorative procedures after completing numerous surgical implant training programs.

Dr Compton is noted for his expertise in the treatment of complex and compromised patients, maintaining a full time clinical practice limited to dental implants and prosthodontic care.

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